About the Winter Drum Line:

Beginning in December of each year the winter drumline is formed to compete in indoor competitions during the second semester of the school year.  Consisting of the battery percussion (Snare, Tenors, and Bass), as well as the pit (Marimba, Xylophone, Vibes, Auxiliary, etc.), the winter drumline develops a five minute competitive show.  Through intensive rehearsals and expert instruction the drumline prepares an indoor show to the highest level of excellence.  During this process students will apply and extend their knowledge of music, performance technique, and musicianship that they gained during the first semester marching band and in previous years of music education.

Questions regarding the winter drumline should be directed to Mr. Bartell or our Percussion Instructor Tony Nguyen.

Rehearsal Schedule/Important Information:

Winter Drum Line rehearsals will take place twice a week.  Attendance at these rehearsals is required and if you are unable to attend you must notify Mr. Bartell or Tony Nguyen at least 24 hours in advance. Failure to do so may be cause for removal from the show and a reduction in grade.  During the course of the season an occasional Saturday rehearsal may be called.  Proper notice will be given regarding these additional rehearsals.

2017 Winter Drum Line Performance Schedule:

March 4 - ADLA Sultana Competition
March 11 - ADLA Marina HS Competition
March 25 - ADLA Tustin Competition
April 23 - ADLA Semi-Finals
April 29 - ADLA Finals (If Qualified)

Brea Olinda High School
Instrumental Music Department
Brea, California