About Our Student Leadership:

Student leadership is an integral part of the Instrumental Music Program and Brea Olinda High School.  Every year dozens of students audition or campaign for the opportunity to earn one of these coveted posts either as a performance ensemble leader or as a member of our legislative band council.  These students are often times the students who demonstrate an increased interest in the group and show strong leadership potential in their everyday interaction with their peers and instructors.  All students are encouraged to audition and gain the experience necessary to become appointed to one of these positions.  Not only does the process prepare them for future auditions, but it gives them a preview of what it will be like after high school when they go off to the real world and must interview for jobs.

Students wishing to audition for a field leadership position must prepare a piece given to them by Mr. Bartell, and they must demonstrate a mastery of the 12 major scales.  After the playing portion of their audition they will be asked a series of questions by the adjudication panel, consisting of Mr. Bartell and the other instructors, and they will be expected to answer these questions the best they can and in their own words.  Once a candidate is appointed to a position they will work closely with Mr. Bartell and the rest of the Instructional Staff in developing their leadership and motivational skills.  It is not our goal to pick "perfect" people to fill these positions, but rather to find hard working students who are up for the challenge and can take guidance from the instructors and apply that knowledge to how they run their respective sections.

If a student wishes to run for the band council then they will need to fill out an interest form letting Mr. Bartell and the election chair of the current band council know that they wish to run for an office.  Once all nominations are collected a ballot will be made up and presented to the entire band, percussion, orchestra, and color guard membership to vote on.  All positions on the band council except for the class reps, guard rep, and percussion rep are voted on by the students.  Students who are elected to the council will perform such tasks as planning fund raisers, band parties, social functions, and other day-to-day business of the band.

2017-2018 Performance Ensemble Leaders:

Head Drum Major - Candace Ko
Assistant Drum Major - Vivien Coop
Junior Assistant Drum Major - Karen Elrayes
Field Captain - Jacob Yoo
Woodwind Sergeant - Alek Cendejas
Brass Sergeant - Christian Roberts
Flute Section Leader - Amy Wang
Clarinet Section Leader - Karen Madamba
Sax Section Leader - Jonathan Eichinger
Mello Section Leader - Kyle Heineken
Trombone Section Leader - Ally Laird
Tuba Section Leader - Even Naranjo
Percussion Captain - Caleb Yun
Pit Captain - Tiffany Chen
Color Guard Captain - Sammy Smith
Junior Color Guard Captain - Jennifer Choi
Color Guard Lieutenant - Divnoor Kaur

Chain of Command and Leadership Roles

2017-2018 Band Council:

President - Candace Ko
Vice President - Karen Madamba
Secretary - Vivien Coop
Treasurer - Chris Furumizo
Librarian - Christian Roberts
Historian - Amy Wang
Historian - Karen Elrayes
Historian - Dimitri Ohler
Equip. Manager - Alek Cendejas
Publicist - Annie Lee
Percussion Rep. - Caleb Yun
Color Guard Rep. - Sammy Smith
Orchestra Rep - Lauren Yoo
Freshmen Rep. - 
Sophomore Rep. - Reid Mitchell
Junior Rep. - Brandon Brumbaugh
Senior Rep. - Ally Laird
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