About the Wildcat Entertainment Corps:

Known as the Wildcat Entertainment Corps, the BOHS Marching Band competes at field tournaments and performs at all home and away football games.  The Wildcat Entertainment Corps includes performers in the areas of brass, woodwinds, battery percussion, pit percussion, and color guard.  Rehearsals include the learning of music, movement/marching skills, and ensemble performance skills for the field.  Attired in green uniforms with gold trim, the Wildcat Entertainment Corps presents a striking and professional appearance.

Rehearsal clothing - Proper attire for rehearsals includes marching shoes, shorts, sweats, or loose pants allowing for unrestricted movement (NO Jeans), and an appropriate top such as a band T-shirt or other T-shirt.  For band camp, students must bring their own water as this will not be provided for them.  They should also bring plenty of sun screen as we will be marching and rehearsing outside a lot of the time.  If you have any questions please contact Mr. Bartell.

2017 Marching Band Calendar of Events:

  • August 14-25 - Band Camp (M-F 11-8)
  • September 1 - Home Football Game vs. Sonora HS
  • September 8 - Away Football Game vs. Valencia HS
  • September 15 - Home Football Game vs. Diamond Bar HS
  • September 22 - Home Football Game vs. Foothill HS (Tustin)
  • September 28 (Thurs) - Away Football Game vs. Canyon HS
  • October 6 - Home Football Game vs. Yorba Linda HS
  • October 7 - CSBC Mayfair
  • October 13 - Away Football Game vs. Villa Park
  • October 14 - CSBC West Valley (Hemet)
  • October 19 - Away Football Game vs. El Modena
  • October 27 - Away Football Game vs. El Dorado
  • October 28 - CSBC Orange County Invitational
  • November 3 - Home Football Game vs. Esperanza (Junior High Night)
  • November 4 - CSBC San Clemente
  • November 11 - CSBC Semi-Finals
  • November 18 - CSBC Finals (If qualified - TBA)

Important Information and Required Materials:

All band members, except percussion and color guard, need to purchase a chromatic tuner BEFORE they report to band camp.  Students are required to have their tuner with them at every rehearsal.  All band students, including percussion, but excluding color guard, will also need to purchase a pair of Black Drill Master Marching Shoes.  This is the required footwear for the Entertainment Corps and students will not be allowed to march without them.  Students should order their regular shoe size.

All trumpet  and Mellophone players will need to purchase a Bach 3C mouthpiece BEFORE they report to band camp.  If you are studying privately and your instructor has requested you play on a different mouthpiece than the Bach then that will be acceptable.  Please contact Mr. Bartell to discuss this prior to band camp.  All trumpet and Mellophone players will also need to purchase a leather valve guard.

All trombone players will need to purchase a Schilke 51D Mouthpiece BEFORE reporting to band camp.

All clarinet players will need to purchase either a Vandoren B45 or Vandoren 5RV Lyre mouthpiece and Rovner Dark 1R ligature BEFORE reporting to band camp.  Click on the links above to order each.

ALL brass and woodwind players will need to purchase a pair of white gloves for the upcoming marching season.  It is in your best interest to purchase more than one pair because they will get dirty and worn out during the season.  Please click on this link to order the regular length white cotton gloves.
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