Important Information:

  • Field show music on the Marching Music page has been updated for the 2016 season.  If you downloaded the music when it still said 2015, then that is the wrong music.  You can also get the most up to date music via your Charms account, located in the handouts folder.
  • All football games and field shows have been added to our calendar.  Please check the calendar page and put those dates into your personal calendars to avoid any conflicts.
  • After school marching band/color guard rehearsals will begin on the second day of school, August 30th, and will run through the week before Thanksgiving break.  Please make this on your calendar!
  • We will be conducting our volunteer signup efforts via the Charms app this year.  Please login to your Charms account, click on Volunteer, and select the events you wish to help with.  Enter the requested contact information and select enter, and you're done!

Events at a Glance:

  • August 15-26 - Band Camp, Monday through Friday 11-8 (Required)
  • August 29 - First day of school!!
  • August 30 - After school rehearsals begin, 3-7 (Required)

Forms and Paperwork:

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This page was last updated: August 16, 2016